But I say it's after three days

I'm no expert in love so I have nothing to say, nothing at all.

Yet I will still keep on talking.

Some people say that if you still like the same person after three months, infatuation turns into love. Some say that it's after three years. But I say it's after three days. Just kidding. Nowadays, things about love, infatuation and occasionally lust have been common topics in conversations among teens. Not to say that I'm not a teenager but I do try to keep a low profile about these things. Let's just say that it's my new year's resolution to stop carelessly burning my fingers. What is love? What is infatuation? These two are very vague concepts and one can be mistaken for the other. Let's try to be organized and discuss them one by one shall we?

Infatuation can be interpreted as an overwhelming feeling of passion and love to someone. That means an infatuated person has an unbelievable feeling of attraction towards a person. He or she can also feel that time...goes...by...so...slowly coupled with an intense desire to see his/her apple of the eye. Every feeling is raised to the extreme for the poor guy. It can also lead to a stupid and unreasonable case of insecurity and jealousy that may sooner or later do harm mentally and emotionally.

Believe me, I know. 

Love, on the other hand, thrives on security, trust, and comfort. It makes someone who's in love happy, even though that love is not even reciprocated (I call them the modern martyrs). For others, love gives a sense of safety, strength and confidence - something that everyone, yes even you and I, needs. Unlike infatuation that longs for closeness and/or physical contact, love can survive even though there's the factor of time and distance and through thick and thin. Love can survive anything.

Lastly, here's lust. Actually, I like to call lust the blacksheep of the three because all it has and NEEDS is physical, if not, sexual contact. And this only bring unwanted pregnancies and pretty much big trouble.

It isn't love when the lower half of your body is more stimulated than your heart. - Elder Futhark   

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