Randomness at its best

The taste of freedom isn't so tasty after all. I'm literally on freedom overdose right now. It's pretty bad you know. Just like food, sometimes I feel like I've had enough BUT most of the time I want some more! Who in their right minds would want to end his or her vacation? Wait, did I just go against what I first said? Yes I did and yes, it's randomness at its best.

This vacation, or stay cation if you like, gives me the chance to cultivate and prepare my noodles for another grueling challenge that is the continuation of the school year or the second semester.

Beyond any reasonable reasons there are random questions that just simply pop in my head and light a spark. Questions of who, what, when, where, and how - just anything under, beyond and around the sun. Maybe it's the result of having too much free time and an overactive imagination. Or is it a conspiracy of subliminal messages caused by mass media? Either way I'm sharing these questions to all of you, dear people hoping to find some answers and please let me know if some of you have the same noggin' as me.

These are the top 5 questions that's been filling the air spaces in my head. Maybe asking random questions is a technique that I have unconsciously acquired so people will stop calling me an airhead? Anyway, here they are:

1. What's in a black hole? - I watched How the Universe Works on discovery channel last night and the program talked about supernovas. Basically, a supernova is a freakin' huge explosion caused by a medium-sized star when it finally wants to stop shining (in other words, the star dies). Stars like our Sun, after 5 billion years, will do just like that. But here's the thing - when a super massive star dies, it's super mega extremely powerful gravity makes it collapse into itself and creates, you guessed it, a black hole. Now the thing about black holes is it sucks everything that comes near it. Yes, even light, space and TIME itself cannot escape its dark awesome fury. It just sucks everything that comes in it's way like a newborn baby. So if light, space and time cannot exist in the black hole...what's in there then? And what happens inside the black hole? I've already checked wikipedia and encyclopedias but they're just too darn complicated. Any answers?

2. Why does vegetables have to taste so bad? - Why can't okra taste like barbecue? Why can't bitter gourd taste like fried chicken? Why does every good thing have to come with a price? WHY? Are we forever doomed to eat distasteful food? Or will evolution and science finally create a wider menu of tasty food for us?

3. When will the saints come marching? - The most random question of all. I don't even know what this means. It's probably a song I heard a long time ago and now it's stuck in my head. Could it be that this is referring to the Armageddon? You know, with the saints coming down from heaven and stuff?

4. Is there a thing such as music tolerance? - Just recently, I'm having trouble sleeping again because of all these weird stuff going through my mind. Yeah, weird stuff equals random stuff. Experts usually call it anxiety but I don't want to call it like that 'cause that just makes me look like crazy. I don't know if you can call it insomnia but sleepless nights are quite annoying. So what I do is drown my thoughts into the OCEAN OF MELODY AND LYRICS (in layman's term it's called MUSIC). The songs cloud my thoughts and slowly, I descend into the dark yet peaceful abyss of unconscious recuperation (again, in layman's term it's just sleep. Metaphor overload?). But lately music hasn't been of much help to my predicament. It's not doing it's job anymore.  Has my brain become 'immune' to music therefore the term 'music tolerance'? Or did I just got crazier? If this goes on I'll have no choice but to fire Mr. Music and look for another something that gives me comfort. Oh sleep, why have you forsaken me? 

5. Why do sad people listen to sad love songs that actually make them even lonelier? - And why do the hell I also do that?

For your information, my randomness doesn't end with the five questions I just told you. If I were to write them here, it'll take you a week before you even reach HALF of what I've written but because I am kind and merciful, I'll spare you from a week's worth of reading. 

And so I shall end it here. See ya folks.


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4 Responses to “Randomness at its best”

  1. HAHA, okay sige pa Yeshua. Winneeeeeeeer.

  2. moonlight sonata pala ang pangalan mo dito.ngayon ko lang napansin.haha.XD