Confessions of a Sinner

I drown in this pool of blood
With a knife in my hand, shaking
And a wound in my heart forsaken by God
Another life was mine for the taking

I bend in this lingering cold
To the Devil I sold my soul
Is this the pathetic life I’m meant to live?
Won’t any heart ever forgive?

And so I walk alone this thorny path
Fear chills my bones
Is this punishment? Is this His wrath?
Is this divine retribution?

I started to pray still hoping that I would be saved
I knelt in front of the Cross
I prayed to Heaven in hell I will not be enslaved
And in that instant my whole body froze

In front of me an image of Christ
Saying sorry, but you have to pay the prize

I ran and ran away wanting to escape my bitter end
In this cruel world, wounds never mend
They leave scars for me to remember
What I did on this cold, windy December

Alas and alack! I fell in despair
I lay in the ground thinking this world’s never fair
Where will I go, in Heaven or hell?
I have a lucky guess, but only God can tell.

These are the Confessions of a Sinner.

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