fallen out of wha?

Let's see...I have a little less than 8 minutes to post a blog according to my schedule made by yours truly. It's about this photo by joyceeleazar from tumblr:

 Well, the first two things are pretty self-explanatory but the third one got me thinking. What does it mean to have fallen out of love? Is it being NOT in love anymore or the other way around? If ever it is the latter how come people can't hide it? 

It's easy to search Google but I am asking you instead because I just know that I'll get more sensible answers from you. :) Also, your answers will be 'useful' research material. *sneaky laugh*

Aaaaaand my time is up! It's 9o'clock on my watch so it's time to open that darn Animal Science book and study (even though it's against my will).

See you when I see you.

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2 Responses to “fallen out of wha?”

  1. I don't believe in falling out of love, however I do believe in noticing that your love wasn't as real as you'd deceived yourself into thinking...