After a week

I didn't have the chance to blog this past week 'cause it's the start of the second semester. I'm bracing myself for all the nosebleeds and headaches I'll get in class again. But it's a Saturday today so I'm gonna blog to my heart's content. My fingers are really itchy to do some typing right now so here we go.

It's been a new week for me. Going to classes on the first week is not only tiring but very, very boring. The first classes usually just talked about class policies and other things that we don't have to know necessarily. They could have just started classes on November 17, you know, and start the lessons right away instead of wasting our time, money and not to mention energy going to classrooms and lecture halls with nothing to do. They'll even do a favor to themselves. But things just don't work like that. Why? Just because.

The past week was also one of the very depressing weeks since last Christmas and I'm not gonna tell you why. I just hope that this Christmas will be a good and peaceful one, because if it isn't, it will be the second or third not-so-good Christmases in my life. I'm also hoping for gifts because that would just be awesome. A PS3 or a new PC would suit me just fine...or it could just be me and my bestfriends celebrating it together, sipping hot cocoa while sitting by the fireplace, telling fun stories while giggling and laughing. Wait, that's a little like what would happen in other western countries so maybe just being with each other would be fine. That would be the best Christmas gift for me. But I think I'll settle for the new PC. Just kidding. I'd prefer humans(bestfriends) of course.  

I'll kinda end it here because I'm out of ideas. Maybe I'll post a new one tonight if my randomness goes overdrive.


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5 Responses to “After a week”

  1. I've been wondering what happened to you, and I was a bit worried... no posts, no comments of my blog... :) It's great to have you back and I hope that next week's lectures will be better.
    Btw, what are you studying?
    Have a great weekend :)

  2. Am I one of the bestfriends? Haha. XD Let's go EK if you like. :P

  3. @Starlight: Thanks for worrying about me, it's just that college life is kind of hard so I have little time left for blogging. I might be able to blog twice a week at most. :) Well, I'm an AgEcon student. I just can't seem to stuff all those scientific names in my head.LOL.

    @mekay: yes, yes you are. :)) And the other one's the one that I don't see.More like a ghost bestfriend. Yeah, I'm talking to you Bea!