Never in Blue Moon

When lust was never in blue moon
When someone broke the holy pact
When mortal sin comes too soon
Can morals be kept intact?

Hold that rotten shaft and don’t let go
Pull the lever of equality from Heaven to hell it goes
Until justice is served, climax reached
Still the holy pact breached; don’t preach
No escaping from the kill, photos burned into my mind
Dirt contaminating mankind,
Does anyone have my kind?

And then feelings of shame, of guilt and regret
The deed done, morals gone
Go home and kick the bucket
In society, you’ll never be accepted

When the blue moon arrives and your hand is guilty but white
How can you lie with much might?
Vigorous yet wrong
How can your conscience suffer for so long?

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2 Responses to “Never in Blue Moon”

  1. This is a really nice poem. I didn't know that you also write poems. I'm impressed. Very well written!

  2. Well thanks for the compliment. It's an old poem actually,that I wrote when I was like 15 or 14. :)