A Quiz

Here's a quiz to find out if you are in fact, me in disguise. Just answer with a yes or a no...

1. You like to eat krinkles (the cookie-like thing) from Jericho's Bakery.
2. You get a runny nose from basically anything that smells strong.
3. Yu-hee the witch, the Korean drama,  is currently your fave show.
4. You read manga - preferably in the comedy-romance-ecchi-action genre. You also read mystery novels.
5. You are SMART.
6. While at home, you are quiet and choose to be alone.
7. You try a lot of social-networking sites but you eventually forget that you actually signed up on them.So now you only use facebook.
8. You do stupid things but later, you feel guilty and actually regret what you've done.
9. You're are a good counselor to your friends but actually have a hard time solving your own problems. 
10. Your preferred genre of music ranges from classical to hard rock.

For the scores, refer to the statements below.

*If you answered yes on less than 0 items...WTF?! How'd you get a negative score?!
*If you answered yes on 0-4 items it means that you are not me. And if you try to change your other answers to yes that wouldn't count 'cause you can never be me. You poor human.
*If you answered yes on exactly 5 items, I can say that you're half of me. But then again, you're ONLY half of me. You can only be half as great as me. You poor human.
*If you answered yes on 6-10 items, you are me in disguise! Congratulations! You are very lucky to be me. 
*If you answered yes on more than 10 items...dude what the fcuk.

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4 Responses to “A Quiz”

  1. LOL-ED at #5! HAHAHA
    I can totally relate with you in #7 but i use twitter too along side facebook. :D

  2. I answered yes on more than 10 questions. Haha. Just kidding. I am you in disguise! 6 yes answers. \m/

  3. I belong to the 'poor human' category...:)

  4. Caterpillar: Yeah, I'm in that category too. I'm not me...just...not...me. :(