When they finally understood

The rays of the setting sun gently kissed her face - a beautiful sight to see. She was sitting on the bench, her head bowed down giving a few strands of hair a chance to fall in front of her face. It gave off a depressed mood. Behind her was a man, standing. The girl suddenly broke the silence. "What the fuck's wrong with you?! Since a few weeks ago you've been acting weird like an asshole! I don't understand a fuckin' thing about you anymore!" She shouted in frustration. "Well sorry for being a crazy dickhead!" He furiously answered. "I thought you'd be the one to understand..." He added. The girl didn't answer back. She knew that she could've understood him if only she tried harder. But no, she closed her eyes and ran away. How can she do that when they've known each other for so long? Tears fell from her eyes...then there was silence for a while. Only the blowing wind was the voice that they can hear. Its silky hands gently touches their skin, resembling conscience, telling them what to do. He couldn't take it anymore - he hugged the girl he liked and loved for so long. Every passing moment, he hugged him even tighter. She didn't do anything because she couldn't do anything. Her entire body froze because of the warm feeling that came from his arms. She was sad yet...happy. The wind blew again, but this time her voice was replaced by the sound from their hearts, beating as if they were one. "Fuck." The man said. "Shit." The girl replied. Then there was a long silence. Words never came. Neither fucks nor shits nor assholes can explain how they feel. But they understood.

-Came up with this while walking from UP to my house. Yeah, you could say I was daydreaming while walking. I just wanted to try writing like an author of some novel so it's not really that great...YET. :)

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4 Responses to “When they finally understood”

  1. Well written, I like it very much. I like this style of writing and can't wait for more of your stories :) Good work!

  2. Thanks a lot! These kinds of comments give me motivation. :)