And the award goes to...

And the award goes to...ME! ME! ME! That's right folks I got my first blog award courtesy of Starlight. She's an awesome writer that gives me ideas (through her posts) whenever writer's block starts to creep into my head. Thanks Starlight!

This award gave me the motivation to blog frequently again. Being a fan of randomness and also to continue the tradition, I will now share 5 random facts about me. Here I go:
1. I love jackets. I feel fashionable whenever I wear them and I don't know why. Only hot weather stops me from wearing them.

2. Now I'm watching Chicken Little for the seventh time because of my niece and nephew. Oddly enough, I still enjoy it. "Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no mountain low." 

3. I love movies of comedy-romance genre. I watch anime and read manga too. I'm a bit of an otaku though not too many people know.

4. When I was in grade school, a pebble hit my head. It bled and left a scar that's still etched on the right side of my head. I blamed the nearby lawn mower for the heinous crime and now, I'm too scared to even go near those monsters.

5. Ever heard of Milo? I don't know if it's available overseas but it's a chocolate powder and I love to eat it with rice. To prepare: Sprinkle LOTS of Milo on rice. Mix well. Serve.

And again, because of tradition, I have to pass the award to 5 other bloggers. I actually had a hard time choosing the recipients but here I go:
1. - She's an awesome writer and her stories while she's in Korea will keep you entertained. Not to mention that her blog's got heavy substance.

 2. - Her stories are amusing and satirical. You should also read her posts about Mr. Bo Tangles - they will annoy you and crack you up at the same time.

3. - He's pretty famous having more than 3000 followers and all. His stories are both inspiring and entertaining.
4. - A superb writer. Period.
5. - Another satirical and funny writer. Most stories involve sex and other sexual matters.

And there we go. Hopefully, I'll be able to blog tomorrow about a lot of things that my fingers are really itching to tell.

That's that.

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