movies, parties, and allergies

How long has been since I last blogged? I'm not really sure. Two weeks perhaps? Anyway, my high school friends and I just had an 'awesome' (NOT!) party last Saturday. It was the date that our high school year book was released so we just made an excuse to get together and have fun. It was pretty boring actually, except from the fact that I saw some of my closest friends again. You know, catching up and stuff. It's not that we don't talk at all. There's facebook and YM! and cellphone, of course. It's just that seeing them in the flesh and talking to them while they're actually there is...I don't know. I don't have the words but you get my point right? Right? Moving on...

 I think I drank too much alcohol at the party. I'm not really much of a drinker so I got drunk easily. And I got the allergies when I woke up Sunday morning. What's more is that I get this sudden wave of prickly sensation on my palms every now and then. They're very irritating. And I mean VERY IRRITATING. I don't know if this is because of the alcohol but hopefully it will stop along with the allergy. If you have experienced this feeling please comment. I need to solve this mystery! Well, enough of the party and on to Monday.

Yesterday, boredom was killing me so I rented some movies from Video City (the local video rental store). I watched Salt, Despicable Me, The last Airbender, and of course, Toy Story 3. There was this promo that if I rented four movies I'll get one for free. And the good part is that I can keep that movie for myself. In other words, it's mine! I chose Avatar. I watched it already but I considered its value. Its cost is more or less a thousand pesos if I would buy it. And besides, it's one of the highest grossing movies of all time. It's like a trophy to me. Yeah.

 Despicable Me was a movie that revolves around love and how every person is a good person inside. You know, those mushy stuff. Salt, on the other hand, was an action movie which really kept me guessing. The protagonist was Angelina Jolie so the movie was an eye candy too.

 I don't know if it's just me, but every anime turned into movie is a big, fat, eyesore. Just watch The Last Airbender - it was an eyesore. Too little fighting and too much talking. They tried to stuff every episode of the the anime into the movie which resulted to, you guessed it, an eyesore. Same goes for Dragonball Evolution (which I watched months ago). I'm never gonna believe those trailers ever again!

 Oh how could I ever forget Toy Story 3. The animated movie of our generation. Heck, it's been eleven years since Toy Story 2 so back off children! The girls said that the movie was a tear-jerker. Coming from a guy, it was, well...a tear-jerker. I was misty-eyed as the movie neared it's end. I'm a softie when it comes to mushy stuff so maybe that's the reason for the tears. A few hours ago I just watched The Rebound which starred Catherine Zeta Jones. There's also this guy but I don't know his name. Or rather I don't care. Well it's about a 40 year-old woman falling in love with a 24 year-old guy. It's pretty romantic and I'm into that too. Well, a little bit. I watched too much action movie so it's a good change of theme.

Gonna watch Astroboy tomorrow.

That's that. See you soon.

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2 Responses to “movies, parties, and allergies”

  1. Hey there...I'm a bit of a softie though I claim to be a tomboy...I did watch Toy Story 3 and The Rebound...and Salt too...loved all of them...if u like romantic movies, u should try watching Leap Year and Penelope...quite cute movies

  2. I'm glad we're on the same boat. I'll try those movies you mentioned 'cause I've a lot of my time on my hands! Thanks for the recommendation. :)