The rain that's pouring hard outside only seem to worsen my already bad mood.

"You're already here with me, so why are you sad?" Her cold yet caring voice asked me.

"I'm not really sure myself. I just feel that I don't belong here." I said.

"But you chose to stay." She said, trying to make the heavy feeling on my chest go away. "There's no point regretting." She added.

Indeed, there's no point in regretting. I'm stuck with her - in my dreams, in the memories I purposely created so that she'll have some place to live. Inside, I couldn't move on. There's no acceptance nor change. Only the four gray walls of our room.

"Is it raining outside? I can hear it." She asked even though she knew.

"Yeah, I wish it would stop." I answered with a small sigh.

"You can make it stop, you know. Just think about sunshine." She said as she scruffled my already messy hair. Her radiant smile already seemed like sunshine.

"Sunshine, huh?"

But it kept raining.

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5 Responses to “Rain”

  1. (I can comment again, finally)

    I really loved this story I think it's one of the best you wrote so far.

  2. Thanks! It's related to my 'A Reason To Go Back' post. :)

  3. Beautiful! Every emotion can be felt in your writing. Love this!!!!

  4. This gets interesting....and I'm glad you're back...or Comment page is back rather...