The Legend of Michh

Once upon a tine, a long time ago, there lived a beautiful girl named Michh. "Fuck, fuck. Fuck it." Said she while rolling her eyes. "Fuck talaga, putang ina nila. Dapat binabaon sila sa lupa." She said with might. Her really loud wailing was heard through out the kingdom. Neither the chambermaids nor the young stable boy knew why she's mad.  

From a far away kingdom, about 20 yards from Michh's kingdom, there lives a gallant knight. His name strikes fear in the hearts of evildoers. His deeds are known far and wide. He's JV and and he's the son of the Great King of The Master Ultimate, Berto. "Fuck, fuck talaga." JV heard the voice of Michh. "Why is she mad? And why does she have a weird voice?" Asked JV. He decided to go to Michh's kingdom which is 20 yards away. He traveled long. He traveled hard. There were even times he thought of giving up but his heart was made of gold. And he moved on.

"At long last." He said as he arrived at the gates of Michh's Kingdom. "Open sesame!" He shouted. With a loud grumble and roar, the gates opened. He entered.

"Fuck talaga. Fuck. fuck. fuck. Dapat binabaon na sila sa lupa." JV can still hear the ear-piercing shrieks of Michh. "A little more and I'll meet her." With new found motivation, he climbed the steps and ascended to the top floor.

"Knock knock." JV said.

 "Opeeen <3" Michh said in a very seductive tone.

As the gallant JV opened the door, a slender figure, as slender as a freakin' stick stood before him. It was Michh. Michh. Michh. Michh.

JV, with his eyes blinded by the awfully grotesque figure before him, he closed the door and never came back.


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  1. Wow! I couldn't stop reading and just had to know where the story was going! Nicely done!