Open Your Eyes

Here I am again with nothing to do. 

As I sit back on my hard, plastic chair I started to notice that I have been staring at my computer's wallpaper for a little while. The green abstract thingy in front of me started to burn into my eyes. Only then did I realize that I'm actually bored. But instead of sleeping - it's 11:54 pm as I was writing this - I started thinking about romantic movies and fairy tales. 

Read fairy tales. Watch romantic movies. 

Believe in happy endings. Believe that soul mates exist. Believe that there's at least one single person in the world who understands you and will wholeheartedly accept you for who you really are. Believe in forever. 

Dream of those surreal scenes where you're together. That she's holding your hand. That as she's whispering sweet whatnots to you, you'll feel her moist breath tickling your ear. That she's staring at your eyes, and suddenly you realize that you're the luckiest man alive. That her smile will make even the coldest man melt. Fantasize that she'll write you love letters just for the fun and sweetness of it and you'll find her even cuter. 

Imagine that you'll get into a fight with her and after much arguing, you'll give in and say sorry. That you'll see her at her weakest and she'll depend on you and you'll comfort her and hug her and tell her that it's okay. And in that instant the bond that both of you shared just got a little bit stronger.

Imagine that you'll have a fun time doing stuff together.

She promised the she'll never leave you alone. That she'll keep on cheering you until you reach your dream. That she'll love you no matter what happens. That distance doesn't matter. That you'll call and text each other every day whenever you're far apart. And after all the promises, she ends it with a pinky swear and said that if she ever breaks one she'll swallow a thousand needles. 

And you will laugh at her silliness.

Dream. Imagine. Fantasize. Go and fill your head with a poisonous concoction of delusion that tells you everything will end right. That everything will end as you thought it would. That you will have a happily ever after just like in those made up movies and fairy tales. Go and dream while you can.

Because when you wake up all you will hear are the painful jeers of reality, telling you that you have been horribly wrong.   

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One Response to “Open Your Eyes”

  1. This was beautifully written and painfully true. I sometimes feel stupid for dreaming, but without it, the world is a lot darker. I do believe in happy endings, though. I'll keep believing and dreaming no matter what, I reckon.