Musings of the Online Worker: A Take on

As I have said on my last blog post, I didn’t take any summer classes this time (taking summer courses in UP is a common thing) because…I just kind of decided not to. I said to myself “I want to miss school!” Honestly, I just got lazy. I was planning on doing something productive like grabbing this computer troubleshooting and networks scholarship. But no! I decided to play Plants vs. Zombies instead (I got 86 flags on Zombie Endless! Should I be proud of that?).

I was stuck inside the house for 3 days already.

I was bored to death.

I was desperate to have some fun, some productivity.

And then suddenly, like a cliché incandescent light bulb that suddenly pops on a cartoon character’s head when it got an idea, IT dawned on me. “Eureka!” as Archimedes had said.  I figured that IT was the answer that I was looking for all along. IT was in front of me, shouting, mocking me for being so blind.

“Oh great and powerful brain, please forgive me for being an ignoramus! Never again shall I err! Never!” I said to my brain in our metaphorical chit-chat. And he metaphorically answered – “You have been exonerated, young one. For not pardoning your errors is not pardoning me too. Because you know… we’re one and the same.”  

I realized that I can earn money online! I can earn money while sitting and exerting minimal physical effort! It’s way better than just playing PVZ or League of Legends anytime of the day. That’s when I stumbled upon this goldmine. I found is an online writing community that allows its members to enjoy and hone their writing skills while letting them earn some money along the way. You take an assignment. You work on it. You submit it. The editors review it. You get your hard-earned money. Rinse and repeat. That’s the circle of life for an EPH writer.

At first I was skeptical about joining. The internet nowadays is full of fraudulent people and I was adamant that I’m not going to be a victim. So I googled “is a scam?” and found forums that discuss whether EPH can be trusted or not. One of the forums even has a thread dedicated to exposing the fraudulent deeds of some online writing websites. It wasn’t surprising – there will always be two sides of a coin. Some say that EPH is an organization of stupid and fraudulent people. Others testify that EPH is a good and friendly company. I wasn’t satisfied with just reading and knowing. I have to find out myself.  

And so I joined EPH. I registered, sent them my screening essay, waited for a few days and voila! I became an official member. When I became a writer for EPH, I became part of the Red Team (EPH has color-coded teams, Red is the “newbie” team) I was eager to start writing. I got my first assignment and off to writing I go!

It was quite challenging for me to finish my assignment though the 24-hour time limit was more than enough. What made it hard for me was the lack of motivation – my first assignment was about “buying twitter followers”. It was a new terrain to me. And it kind of felt stupid to be pro buying twitter followers. Why the heck do I have to buy twitter followers? Come on! But the article required me to be in favour of it and I must adhere to the rules if I want to get rewarded. So I painfully swallowed my pride and I did, like the good citizen that I am. I used the forums to verify some of the instructions that were unclear and found out that the people there are as hospitable and as helpful as a forum can be. The people in the EPH forums are very civilized – it makes other forums look like it’s inhabited by Neanderthals.

After I finished the five 500-word articles I wasted no time submitting it. I had to wait for quite some time because the articles underwent a thorough review process courtesy of the editors, of course. I was anxious about getting a revision request but I got none, thankfully. It was a full 4 days before I got my salary of 300 points (that means a 500-word article is worth 60 points) which is exactly 300 pesos! That’s right 1 point equals 1 peso. I’m thinking of converting my points into cash when it reaches 3000 pesos. That way I’ll get bonus points. I think it’s around 200 bonus point. You might think that I’m earning peanuts but as a college dude that does absolutely nothing, this is a gazillion times better.

It’s really inspiring to receive my first salary because I know that this thing I’m in, this EPH thing is real. Not some shady scam like those forums says. And it’s easy (not really) money!  

EPH really has it rough getting hate it doesn’t deserve. This company is a genuine online community – bordering on being a goody-two shoe but definitely not a scam. This company legitimately gives salary on time (though technical glitches sometimes occur), and gives a thorough and just review to any assignment.

So there you go doubters and non-believers. Review your facts. Try it yourself. As a writer for EPH, I can testify that this is the real deal. I got my first 300 points just after 4 days I’ve submitted and I’m expecting more to come.

Why not try it yourself instead of reading those forums? You never know, maybe you’ll enjoy your stay.

So there you have it. My take on EPH.

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3 Responses to “Musings of the Online Worker: A Take on”

  1. EPH, eh?... This sounds like a promising enterprise! I might look into it! I know what you mean about wanting to miss school... sometimes taking a spring and summer course load is kind of a bummer, and it doesn't give you the time off to build up the motivation to do an even bigger course load come fall.

  2. That's nice, being productive while staying home. :) Keep it up! :)

  3. @Tara: It does sound promising, but the pay is in Peso so I think it'll be kinda low on your part.If I convert it, it's a dollar for a 500-word article. Whatcha think?