focus that which is definitely not the car

When I was reading some blogs earlier this morning, I stumbled upon a blog that was talking about focus. Yes, focus, the thing we are all praying for come exam week but come naturally when we're playing video games. 

Focus: a specific topic that your blog targets like fashion, cosplay, or food. 

Hers was a hobby blog - cosplay, anime, and other things otaku. She has 200+ followers and I think she's quite famous in her circle. She found her niche and people like what she does. What strikes me the most is when she said that focus is important because it avoids reader confusion. It was an eye opener for me.  

Nope, not this kind of Focus.
As you all know, I have a fledgling online fashion store called Frolic Hearts, together with my girlfriend. And as a 19-year old wannabe entrepreneur I want to share what's happening behind the scenes  - what are our plans and our courses of action, our choices of clothes and models if there are any, and our marketing strategy or strategies. I am currently an Agricultural Marketing and Prices major, so I have a teeny tiny, itty-bitty background on marketing and this is also why it's quite interesting to document every single thing that is happening on Frolic Hearts. This is more like a  typical how-to but on a beginners perspective. No highfalutin terms here and no expert advice to heed. My intuitions and knowledge are as good as yours.  But I'll definitely do my best. If this succeeds (or fails) we'll have the experience to do better the second time around. Sounds good right? 

Frolic Hearts is nearing its launching (May 25), so we'll take a few steps back and reminisce the good old days. I mean, go back to the drawing board.  I think I'll start tomorrow.

How about you? What are the things that you focus on?

EDIT: I've created a new blog for this online gig titled The Online Excursion. You can also just click the tab above. I've also added two new tabs, so be sure to check them out. Cheers!

PS: This is FOCUS
Focus, you must.

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