Gray Rooms

I woke up in a gray room. Yes, that SAME gray room. 

It was a room all too familiar for me - no decors, no windows; just a door of the same color. That horrible gray color. That god-forsaken gray color. Slowly but surely, claustrophobia creeped in and I realized I was alone. 

"I'm the only one left." I muttered. I wasn't scared though and proceeded to stand up. I dusted off my pants. 

As I got my bearings straight, I realized I was holding a cellphone. It was my old Nokia 3500c. There was absolutely nothing special about it -  two megapixel camera, no smartphone capabilities, scratched screen, unresponsive keys. A phone on the brink of retirement. 

There was an unread message. I chose not to read it. 

The phone went off. 

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2 Responses to “Gray Rooms”

  1. Thanks! Now all I can think of is what that message probably read.

    1. Welcome! Well, the interpretation's up to you.:)