My 7-Year Old Nephew Likes To Go Commando

My nephew likes to go commando.

Really! Ever since he was a teeny tiny infant he would bawl when we put undies on his teeny tiny bum. Now that he's 7, we tell him that non-compliance to wearing "underclothes" will result in an unhealthy and sad "willy". For the first 6 years of his life he has like, 2 underwear. 

Now he has three.

Just kidding, he has four now.

He did change after we told him that. Well, just a little. That cheating little twerp.

He wears underwear on alternate days now! So he puts something on his bum on Monday and then he goes commando on Tuesday and so on and so forth.

HOWEVER - and that's a big however - my nephew is a cheating little twerp. Sometimes he doesn't wear briefs on two or three consecutive days and strongly pretends that he wore somethin' the day before. I just don't get it! How does it feel to go commando? I'll probably try it myself. Or not. But seriously...

I would have included his picture in this post but I realized that this may haunt him in the near future. So as a consolation, here's an awesome video that will surely brighten your day. 

What about you? What weird stuff do you know about your family members?


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