Passive earning is for the smart, lazy bums

Money makes HALF the world go round. Love makes the
other half turn.
I'm the moody kind of person. Yup, the happy-now-sad-later kind of person. Same thing can be said about my hobbies and interest - I have the attention span of a chicken. I don't know, maybe it runs in the family.

You wanna know what motivates me these days? The thought of passive income.

According to my internet research, passive income is income that you get from endeavors you are not directly involved to. That means you earn while you're sitting or playing video games. Just my cup of tea. Mostly done on the internet through ads (like Google AdSense of Chitika), the tern "passive earning" is quite misleading; it's not really passive because you have to work for it especially during the initial stages.

Hmm. I'm not an expert on passive income tactics though I am learning bit by bit. There's a whole lot of things to do before you earn passively - that's why I said earlier passive earning is a very misleading turn. There's so many concepts and so many marketing strategies to known - SEO, operating a keyword search tool, niche sites, etc., etc.,

I stumbled upon this website called The Smart Passive Income Blog and I tell you, it's one heck of a motivator. TSPIB is all about generating a sizable traffic (because that's where the money come from) on your niche website. Basically, they teach you how to get your website to the first page of Google. They provide very detailed instructions on how to do this.

Someday, I might just create a niche website on my own. I've already got plans like a dating website or a website about university exams like UPCAT and USTET. I've got many things planned and a lot more of things that I want to do that makes me wish for a longer summer vacation.

But before any of that, I think I'll focus on my online store first. Speaking of online stores...

Check out Frolic Hearts' fashion blog! There's another fashion blog in wordpress and it's run by my girlfriend. Her blog's not that furnished yet in terms of the layout but I can tell you that she's a really good writer. Like really. They're the places where we'll show our latest collection of cute and trendy women's apparel. We'll be launching on May 25 so please do check it out.

How about you? What keeps you motivated?

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