Smartphone Ordeal

I just got out of a pinch Yep, a really REALLY bad pinch.

A single thread (conversations with SO, obviously) on my smartphone has 7000+ messages that can't be deleted! I tried the tried-and-tested method: delete the messages, go to sleep, and wake up with zero SMS. But noooooo, my crappy Xperia won't allow me to do it. I even went so far as to download MobileGo but to no avail. Turns out I can't (or will never) find the folder where the messages are stored; I think it's hidden in another dimension or something. 

Fortunately, I found out how to delete those pesky messages in just a matter of minutes. I was even shocked myself. I just ticked the Stay Awake box (Settings>Applications>Development) so that my phone won't sleep when charging. Needless to say I deleted the thread when my phone was charging. Turns out the reason my messages didn't get deleted was because my SMS application closes too when the phone sleeps, therefore halting the deletion process.

During this ordeal, I learned a valuable lesson, a lesson that I hope will be remembered for generations to come: Don't let your messages reach a thousand. Delete every week or suffer the consequences.

What philosophies or beliefs have you developed in deleting messages? Can they be really applied in real life? Am I spouting nonsensical gibberish?


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2 Responses to “Smartphone Ordeal”

  1. Oh man, I had to delete my messages a while ago, because they were taking up allll the memory in my phone. It took like an entire day... now I have it set so it only keeps 25 messages at a time. Thank goodness.

  2. Lag-y phones are annoying. But then again it's our laziness to delete messages that caused the lag. HAHA