Surveys are like babies

They forgot Google Chrome. That is highly offending.
Some people think that a survey is just a bunch of questions meant to gather information. Sure, a survey IS a bunch of questions meant to gather information BUT it is leaps and bounds more than that. And that I learned the hard way. So if you're thinking of conducting a survey for some product or study, I suggest you read until the end!

Here's the rule of thumb (at least for me): 

Don't conduct a survey unless you really need to OR have the experience to do it OR your survey is just made of 5 simple questions like "What's your favorite color?" or "Who's your first crush?". In that case, you're not making a survey; you're making a slam book. 

Why? Because they are one of the most annoying tasks to do. Surveys are like babies - they're so cute and cuddly from afar but when you're the one taking care of them they're just a buttload of crappy work. Not that I hate babies. I do like them. In fact, I've taken care of my niece when she was still a teeny tiny baby. And do you know how old I was during that time? 13 years old. I know, I know. I'm awesome.

Okay enough about babies. Moving on...

As I was saying before, you need mad skillz to create a really effective survey. And by effective, I mean that the survey can get your desired information. 

There are lots of guidelines on how to create a survey - the questions should be simple to understand, they should be sequenced in a logical manner, the more sensitive questions should be at the middle or towards the end, font size shouldn't be too small or too big, the survey itself shouldn't be too long - the list goes on and on and on and on. There are many survey applications that you can find online like Google Forms or Survey Monkey but you still need to have that basic knowledge in constructing surveys.

Take our fail story for example.

We want to know what brand name for our online fashion store would most people like. So we conducted a little survey. We thought it was going to be easy. BUT HELL NO! It was a chore-and-a-half I tell you. Here's the link for that darn survey. See for yourself how miserably we have failed. We screwed up big time because: 
  1. We don't know how to fully utilize Google Docs. 
  2. Google Docs doesn't have all the types of questions.
  3. We know GDocs doesn't have the type of question we were looking for but we continued anyway.
  4. Our question wording sucked.
  5. We didn't know how to properly sequence the questions.
These five factors led to wasted time and effort. We didn't even use the responses that we've gathered! It just plain sucked. So unless you really know what you're doing, don't do it. a conclusion I just want to reiterate the golden thumb. I mean the golden rule of thumb: Don't conduct a survey unless you really need to OR have the experience to do it OR your survey is just made of 5 simple questions like "Who's your favorite color?" or "Who's your first crush?". 

Have you tried making a survey?


PS: I've found a website that has really fun surveys. Check it out!

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