I am Yesh

If you found this page you certainly want to know about the awesome me and my awesome undertakings...and that makes you awesome too! If you want to know how to be the awesome-est person around your neighborhood then please, continue reading! 

Okay, enough with the awesomeness.

Hello, I am Yesh. I can't really describe myself with a single sentence - I'm a bit of this and a bit of that. Everything around you is multi-faceted and same can be said for my personality and character. I am never black and white. More like brown. Dark brown.


I started this blog a million years ago. Yes a million years ago because it already feels that long; I can't even remember where I lived during that time! I think I was a sophomore in highschool when I started blogging and of course like most high schoolers with blogs, I write sappy crappy mushy stuff about love. Yep, the typical high school drama. I don't even want to think (though I already did) about backreading  - it's giving me goosebumps. Sheesh. 

I started this blog because I want to express my feelings, release my inner "writer" (there's hardly any), and just share my experiences with people. My blog is mainly about random stuff - experiences and fictional stories. Things like that. But as I matured (did I really?) I began to shift my focus on more productive things such as business. That is why you can see The Online Excursion and Frolic Hearts. Those are my just some of my business attempts. I have a lot more plans and ideas in my scattered brain and I'm just waiting for them to arrange themselves so I can share them to you.

A little about myself....

I came from a family of human beings though my mother used to say that she found me on a cabbage patch. I don't look like any of my siblings so that may be true. However, I don't look like a cabbage too. I think I'm an illegitimate child borne out of the love between a cabbage and a human. Seriously, I don't even know what I am talking about.

Anyway, going back...

I began writing - creative writing, not learning to write like kindergartners do - when I was in high school. However, I do remember that I started pseudo-creative writing when I was around 5 years old. I recall that I wrote stories on my grade 1 pad and acted them out using my toys. I enjoyed literature and English classes especially when the teacher required us to submit a poem or short story. Writing also became a hobby; I spend idle moments composing poems on the back pages of old notebooks or on bits and pieces of torn yellow pads. Sometimes I'll put them on my cabinet, just for safekeeping. Other times, I'll just throw them away. Composing poems always made me feel like a weird kid, but no one knows (until now) because I change my personality whenever I am with my friends.

When I was a sophomore in high school, things got really bad on our family. My mom and dad separated and things just got shittier and shittier as the days passed. I can't remember the details well because my brain might have taken pity on me and regressed every single bad memory. So I'm feeling better now! Well, better most of the time.

This blog became a rant station when I entered college. I rant here when I feel down. Most of the rants however are just saved in drafts; they never get published. Who wants to read rants anyway? 

During the sem break of my second year in college, I met my high school classmate again. We were pretty close back then so it's not really hard to talk to her. I got a huge crush on her that day. And waddaya know, she's my girlfriend now. I'm generally a happy person mostly because of her. She's like this emotional grappling hook that I hang on for my dear life. I love her.

Life's been pretty good lately.

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